Brave Frontier Tier List

    Brave Frontier Tier List: Brave Frontier is a role-playing game that is compatible with platforms like IOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Microsoft Windows, and Windows Phone. It is a Japanese game and also has a sequel called Brave Frontier 2 that was launched in 2018. Players can summon more than 400 legendary heroes, mighty demigods, and majestic beasts. They can lead their squads to strategic victories against the Four Fallen Gods.

    The game has different modes too like Raid, Arena, Quest, Vortex, Frontier Hunter, Frontier Gate, and Guild. Players can engage in animated battles with or against a captivating cast of beautifully pixel-crafted characters that are inspired by Japanese Manga Art. Players can also meet and recruit fan favourite characters from other popular game titles. The game is available on the Google Play store and has a rating of 4.4 stars.

    In this article, I’ll let you know about the latest Brave Frontier Tier List:

    Brave Frontier Tier List

    Tier list help to know which elements or characters of the game are good and which ones are not. A tier list ranks from best to worse. Hence Tier A or 1 means the best following with Tier B or 2, Tier C or 3, and others in descending order. They are helpful to the players of a particular game as they provide valuable information about the ranks of the characters and elements in a particular game. This can help the players to win different matches, battles, arena’s, or games.


    Ken Kaneki, Peter, Ptah, Avyn, Hakuzo
    Azius, Inoko, Desert Paradise Nyami, Rhyne, Cayena
    Osiris, Yasna Armaiti, Alphie, Sasha, Nicholas, Hypaea
    Aoife, Thot, Gisele, Galene, Meryl & Milly, Hilda
    Orochi, Set, Noxa, Vohu, Evie, Nuke, Legato, Kirke
    Ma’at, Echo, Paris, Miriam, Vash, Nimrah, Ukie, Touka, Vrana

    The units in the S–Tier are the best of all. They are great in terms of damage control, buff, and even defence. All most all of them do the best jobs in the game and shine brighter than other units. Hence you should definitely use them for the best.



    Aurelia, Vanila Sero-Anya, Persenet, Allanon, Fionna, Chloe, Karna Masta, Kelsa,
    Vikki, Galea, Wintia Charlie, Faelan, Serin, Rene, Utheria, Tridon, Haile, Sae, Kahiki, Sennie, Vail & Vidron, Kawab,

    Ultor, Zeis, Ellie, Yan & Yuan, Natalame, Kyo, Yamori, Marianne, Svalinn, Gortius, Aesys, Czorag, Annette, Blaze, Amus,

    Limilnate, Zeruiah, Ulagan, Andaria, Tarok, Gwenevere, Wannahon, Shu Tsukiyama, Vektor, Dranoel, Baiken, Nagid, Bjorn & Linlin, S’eljah, Elaina, Bayley, Lydia,
    Kielazar, Xenon, Noel, Lico, Kielezar, Savei, R&R, Semira, Ciardha, Alza Masta, , Theodor, Kranus, Saskya, Keres, Ensa-Taya, Nyami, Lancelot,

    Sheriff, , Mikael, Chryssa, N'an Wang Mu, Zedus, , Zelion, Cleria, Long, Khepratum, Silvie, Kassia, Tevarius, Fennia, Cerise, Bonnie,

    The units in the A–Tier are also equally good. They have the potential to be the best too. They could be great replacements for TIER S if you can’t get hands on them. All units are great performers in terms of damage control and defence statics.


    Ewan, Jireid, Daltisk, Razak, Crash, Ragra, Tate & Tama, Mordred, Ordine, Rhoa,
    Cardes, Merlin, Neferet, Zephyr, Grahdens, Yuura, Neviro, Ebony & Enid, Feora, Galtier, Katerin, Illucen & Illumina,
    May, Medina, Elimo, Rickel, Lasswell, Ilm, Isniel, Tsovinar Viviane & Orah, Lofia, Signas,
    Nia, Nyala, Mordlim, Faelan, Hisui, Fei & Fang, Libera, Edea, Eriana, Honoka & Hisa, Hetepheres, Avani, Ophiucus, Dion,
    Odin, Kyria, Juno, Lukroar, Ceulfan, Alan, Solos, Linasera, Regil, Lilith, Enile, Krantz, Maxwell, Sefia, Joshua, Seto, Gabriela, Lucius, Lauda,
    Roy, , Zegstia, Morgana, Sun Tse, Azurai, Kagiya, Laressa, , Rain, Ludero, Arus, Ruby, Rugahr, Feng, Owen

    The units in B–Tier are good units but not good enough to be in the TIER A and TIER S, the reason being that the units aren’t flawless. They lack good defence statistics in the game. But they still are good units.


    Behemoth, Vashi, Lid, Kanon, Loch, Beiorg, Gilgamesh, Eleanor, Becstain, Shera,
    Holia, Florence, Savia, Selena, Lumis, Mariela, Auberi, Vaisal,
    Velma, Mifune, Zalvard, Zero, Shida, Lunaris, Yggdrasil, Zekuu, Elza, Dirk, Feeva, Toki, Lilly Matah, Johan, Zenia, Ragina, Rezo,
    Zelnite, Rozalia Phileine, Frigg, Gandrei, Daros, Baro, Felice, Leona,
    Quentin & Quinn, Rinon, Ark, Reseus, Zekt, Segrud, Sirius, Mora, Kira, Carroll Leo Whitefang,
    Glenn, Lava, Korzan, Baelfyr, Michele, Adel, al-Akqat, Barion, Agnia, Afla Dillith

    The units in C–Tier are quite average in their performance, hence they come in the middle Tier. They are good but equally have as many flaws too. They can good in most of the modes in the game but at times things can get tough with these units.


    Marlo, Silas, Licht, Rize, Eze, Balgran, Hallelujah, Fizz Benimaru, Eerikk,
    Miell, Dessit, Terry, Lanza, Mariletta, Divine Armor, Freed, Gyras, Quaid, Zevalhua,
    K & K, Alessa, Malef, Avant, Rahotep, Jakra, Valen, Kulyuk, Adriesta, Griff, Claire, Mai Shiranui,
    Colt, Astrid Zeleste, Camilla, Stein, Zalts, Hugh, Azalea, Asto, Kula Diamond, Belfura, Garrett, Arsom, Melord, Kitsu, Tazer,
    Kalon, Magress, Ramlethal, Kikuri, Xie'Jing, Kafka, Mizo Dorte, Zeek, Alice, Haido, SoniaKalon, Magress, Ramlethal, Kikuri, Xie'Jing, Kafka, Mizo Dorte, Zeek, Alice, Haido, Sonia,
    Lara, Agress, Ionia, Atro, Amadream, Miku, Zellha, Izuna, Estia, Raquiel Gaston, Janice, Mel, Jack'O, Garrel,

    The units in D–Tier are a little below average. These units do not perform as often and are not that great as compared to other units in the game. So my advice would be pass on these if you do not want to waste your time.


    Diastima, Logi, Elphelt, Athena Asamiya,
    Serge, Lance, Daze, Nimune, Ragzbyul,
    Vargas, Rengaku Shura, Barbara, Sol, Lyonnesse,
    Rayla, Draegar, Viktor, Zora, Ky,
    Iori, Ihsir, Luina, Mard Geer, Gregor,
    Charlotte, Cotton, Verne, Azami, Iris, Amu Yunos

    The units in E–Tier is probably can say the worst units in the game. You should definitely pass on them if you get a chance as they aren’t worth it at all. But if you have just started playing the game you can still give them chances.

    Hence the latest Brave Frontier Tier List comes to an end. We hope it was helpful enough. Let us know what you want to see next on our website.

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